"A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!"

Here's a few DooM websites that I find interesting. This is not a definitive list or anything. If you have a cool DooM website or know of one and want it added, contact me somewhere...

My handle is "phineas" at both Zandronum and ZDaemon forums.

  • Afterglow | Doom Maps

  • BahdKo's Doom2 Deathmatch Webpage

  • Blue's Doom Deathmatch Guide

  • Daeron's Doom Pages

  • Daniel's Base

  • deathz0r's wut

  • Doom Archive

  • The DooM Deathmatch Resource

  • DoomShack.org

  • Doom Underground

  • Erik Alm's Page of Doom

  • The Megasphere | Another DooM II Deathmatch Resource

  • Megawad Outpost

  • Milian's Doom Site

  • Mr. Doom

  • Morrison ABC

  • myk's command center

  • Oblacek Czech Doom site

  • Olddoom.com

  • Paul Corfiatis' Doom Wads

  • Rare Files - map galleries

  • Realm667

  • SeNd cOfFeE DOOM

  • Team Hell Spawn